Candidate Assessments


St. Luke’s Centre offers a Candidate Assessment Programme for priesthood and religious life and the permanent diaconate.


We take a broad-based team approach to assessing the spiritual, psychological and psychosocial make-up of candidates for the priesthood, religious life or diaconate.


  • The individual has a Grace-filled opportunity to know him/herself more fully, to share this knowledge with those accompanying him/her in the discernment and ultimately to have the freedom to say “yes” to the next step of the journey.
  • The diocese or religious community has the confidence of working with trained professionals using up-to-date psychometric and spiritual assessment tools in order to gain a detailed assessment of candidates.


Psychological assessment can be a daunting prospect for anyone. The goal of St. Luke’s programme is to make the assessment as positive and relevant for future discernment as possible. The permanent diaconate assessments also include an informal meeting with the candidate’s spouse when applicable.


Benefits of a Team-Based Assessment


Our team-based approach offers a benefit of the expertise of three professionals: clinical psychologist, counselor/psychologist and spiritual director. Team members work with the candidate and each other to gain a thorough appraisal of the candidate’s psychological and spiritual make-up.


Assessment Process


Preliminary information is sent to St. Luke’s Centre in advance of the candidate assessment. The candidate then comes to our Centre in Manchester over a two-day period (candidates may stay in our comfortable en-suite accommodations or off-site). Following the assessment, the candidate and diocesan/community representative receive oral and written reports.

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