Healthy Life Groups


If you are interested in learning new life coping skills and techniques in a comfortable, confidential environment, our Healthy Life groups are for you.


Groups meet for just 4-7 sessions and offer education, skill-building and facilitated discussion. Get advance notice of new groups.


Contact: Dr. Taryn Millar at 301-431-6865 or [email protected].


Recent Topics:

  • From Stress to Success: Learn how to reduce suffering and increase positive emotions, with techniques that enable you to use your emotions effectively to achieve your goals.
  • Emotional Effectiveness: Explore the core techniques involved in surviving a personal crisis and important coping strategies to tolerate painful situations without losing control.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Assertiveness & Building Relationships: Learn to speak up, say no, and negotiate agreements. Navigate conflicts with confidence and build strong and lasting relationships.
  • Mindful Living Skills: Find the calm, quiet center within yourself. Learn simple skills to lower your daily stress, increase your mental clarity and deepen your compassion—for yourself and others.
  • Men/Clergy Groups: These confidential groups are for those struggling with adult sexual issues (online or in-person), and includes education and prevention strategies to help prevent a crisis or relapse.